Creativity, how are you using yours?

I’ve heard it said that the worst use of imagination is worrying up a negative possible outcomes. Creativity takes many forms, and follows where your focus and energy goes during the day.

How often are these uplifting thoughts and pursuits interrupted with thoughts of doubt or possibilities that do not benefit our current mood, or future moods. Are we being safe by being aware? Or is this leading to more harm than good?

How about the flip side of the coin.. Are you allocating enough of your time and energy into rejuvenating uplifting pursuits? What do those look like for you?

What does a uplifting pursuit feel like for you? Do you have an image in your mind…? GOOD!

Keep it there, and expand.

Our energy is matching what we anticipate as our mood follows the storylines we perceive to be true.

If we use our energy to anticipate and envision the best possible outcome, your idea of the best possible outcome may not happen – and the truth is, if you can be present and grateful for all that is in the here and now moments, reality can turn out even better when we do the inner work.

Our creativity, energy (Emotions = Energy in Motion), reactions, time and space is something that we have access to at all times of the waking day and sleeping night. When we work with our inner world, and do the work, our outer world starts to reflect it. Everyone you meet is either a reflection of a repeated cycle or a guide towards a new start.

Get into the habit of asking yourself: Does this support the life I am trying to create.

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