Creativity, how are you using yours?

I’ve heard it said that the worst use of imagination is worrying up a negative possible outcomes. Creativity takes many forms, and follows where your focus and energy goes during the day. How often are these uplifting thoughts and pursuits interrupted with thoughts of doubt or possibilities that do not benefit our current mood, orContinue reading “Creativity, how are you using yours?”

Are you sure you’re right?

Test Your Assumptions. Hereโ€™s a task for you, think of an opinion that you feel strongly about – a political belief or a current headline is a good place to start.โ  Next, work at proving your point wrong. This is a tactic often used in a debate. In order to have a plausible argument, you must know the opposing sideโ€™s views.

Forget about the past

Stop letting the past define your future!โ  Everyone has made mistakes, and it can be difficult to forget about events and circumstances that caused us pain, and we canโ€™t let those mistakes keep us from moving forward and trying new things.โ  If you feel anxieties about your past, remember that not everyone recognizes the eventContinue reading “Forget about the past”

9 Tools 4 Interpersonal Relationships

There are some tools at your disposal for developing and maintaining healthy relationships. Weโ€™ll discuss each of the following in more detail: #1: Positive thinking #2: Show that you care #3: Be considerate #4: Be an active listener #5: Self-awareness #6: Settle disputes #7: Be a great communicator #8: Be the kind of friend youContinue reading “9 Tools 4 Interpersonal Relationships”

Interpersonal Relationships

The term ‘interpersonal relationships’ refers to a created bond between two or more people. To dive a bit deeper, it is a close association between individuals sharing common interests and goals.โ  We can break down interpersonal relationships into different categories, familial, friendship, professional, and romantic. Different forms of relationships can develop under each category, however,Continue reading “Interpersonal Relationships”